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Our fast on-boarding process allow you to open accounts in your business name to pay and collect like a local within hours

We help cut through the complexity of modern banking and Forex.
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Global Account Creation

Setup International Accounts on four continents, 35+ currencies and access them all 24/7 from the Axiom Platform.

Personalised Service

Our tailored front-office solution means real people are here to guide you through every step, from account opening to managing transactions.

FX and Risk Management

Comprehensive range of FX services delivered by experienced professionals, highly competitive rates, expert guided hedging, procurement of exotic currencies, and real-time market tracking.

Digital Solutions

Leverage our partners' API to execute thousands of multi-currency bulk payments with a single click.
Focused on addressing your unique treasury needs
Efficient account opening
Dedicated teams to guide you through the application process and AML/KYC checks so that your account is open within days.
Safeguarded funds
The regulated institutions we work with hold client funds with reputable banks with 100% deposit protection.
Same-day transactions
Utilise fast, local payment rails like Faster Pay, SEPA and Fedwire or send and receive money via the SWIFT network.
Control payment flow
Set limits so that payments must be authorised by up to five people before processing.
Dedicated account manager
A private bank style service means that you can contact your account manager whenever suits you.
Multiple currencies
Help your clients and customers by sending and receiving funds in their currency like a local.

Rest assured with robust security measures in place

Control outgoing payments
Assign permissions and set up to five levels of authorisation before money leaves your account
Robust account security
Two-factor authentication prevents unauthorised access to your account
Securely Held Funds
Funds are safeguarded by our FCA-regulated e-money partners at a credit institution
Strict operational governance
We set rigorous standards for client on-boarding, transaction monitoring, AML and KYC processes.
Network security
Production environments are hosted using advanced cloud technologies, AWS and Google Cloud.
Our payment providers comply with all relevant local and international regulations.

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